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Pipe-Bending Machine - CESURBEND - PBNC 65 (A)

Offer details

TypePBNC 65 (A)
Year of manufacture2018
Type of controlCNC Microsoft
Storage locationwarehouse Ennepetal
Country of originTurkey
Delivery timeimmediately
Freight basisex stock, free on truck
Priceon request


Technical details

tube diameter65 mm
wall strength3,5 mm
bending radius min.70 - 250 mm
bending angle max.190 °
Tube length2750 mm
total power requirement12 kW
weight of the machine ca.1,5 t
dimensions of the machine ca.3 x 1,4 x 1,5 m

Additional information

Demonstration machine! Semi automatic machine with bending by CNC, feeding and
turning of pipe manual controled by DRO. Bending is controled by a Windows PC.


Pipe-Bending Machine CESURBEND PBNC 65 (A) Karl Günter Wirths GmbH Ennepetal