Wirths GmbH

The history of Wirths GmbH begins in 1956 with the establishment of a mechanical workshop for metalworking by Karl G. Wirths. A lot has changed since then. In the 2nd generation, Holger Wirths heads the fortunes of Wirths GmbH as a trading company for used and new machine tools.

1956 Karl G. Wirths founds the company

as a purely mechanical workshop for metalworking.

Karl G. Wirths im Unternehmen in Ennepetal

Development to machine tool manufacturer

In addition to classic metalworking, the company also advanced in the field of machine overhauling, which in the mid-1960s was already generating more sales than the original metalworking.

Specializing in the sale of used machine tools

In the 80s the company finally developed into a trading company. Today there are halls equipped with cranes for lifting up to 50 t.

Up to 250 machines are always available for sale in our warehouse. The know-how developed over many years is the basis of our consultation. Our customers, whether from home or abroad, like to come back to us again and again.

Spectrum extension: New machine tools

In cooperation with GMW Machines GmbH, the range was expanded to include the manufacture and assembly of heavy machine tools.

Flexible modular system of our machine tools
When building machine tools, we concentrate on the essentials: the requirements and needs of our customers. Our machines consist of a solid, heavy cast construction from certified international suppliers, individually equipped with high-tech components, which mainly come from well-known manufacturers in Germany. This flexible modular system enables high-quality machines to be built efficiently and cost-effectively so that in the end the customer can reckon with a decrease of hourly machine rates of up to 30 percent. The delivery time is also significantly reduced: Ideally, the machine will be available within six to ten months.

    New machine tools
Quality and safety are the top priority for us: All our machines are tested and certified according to German standards and are CE-compliant. Compliance with the strict requirements of VDE 0113 is guaranteed. Our team brings its decades of experience and special know-how to every project.