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Milling machines

Metal Processing

Milling machines

Bed Type Milling Machine - Universal

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inx-travely-travelz-travel
1111180WEILERFHP 75019750550 mm180 mm300 mm
11370FILFS 130 (CNC)19951300 mm1000 mm1000 mm

Universal Milling Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inx-travely-travelz-travel
1111177OPTIMUMUF10020090600 mm270 mm430 mm
1111174KLOPP-KORRADIUW 219800700 mm350 mm450 mm
1111184MAHOMH 700 C (CNC)19890700 mm450 mm500 mm
1111183MAHOMH 80019800800 mm450 mm450 mm
1111179RECKERMANNKOMBI 100019771000 mm370 mm450 mm