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Metal Processing


Bandsaw - Horizontal

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt incutting diametersaw band lengthcutting width
16118KM KesmakKMO 28020220280 mm3660 mm0,9 mm
16136KM KesmakKMO 35020220350 mm4250 mm1,1 mm
16078KM KesmakKMS 350 x 40020220350 mm4250 mm1,1 mm
16101KM KesmakKMY 2DG 35020220350 mm5280 mm1,3 mm
16100KM KesmakKMY 35020220350 mm5280 mm1,3 mm
16115KM KesmakKSS 350 x 40020220350 mm4860 mm1,1 mm
16102KM KesmakKMY 2DG 45020220450 mm5880 mm1,3 mm
16103KM KesmakKMY 45020220450 mm5880 mm1,3 mm
16107KM KesmakKSS 450 x 60020220450 mm5850 mm1,3 mm
16076KM KesmakKSY 550 x 70020210550 mm6850 mm1,3 mm
16081KM KesmakKSS 550 x 70020220550 mm6850 mm1,3 mm
16147KM KesmakKLS 550 x 70020220570 mm7800 mm1,6 mm
16074KM KesmakKLS 650 x 105020220650 mm8200 mm1,6 mm
16106KM KesmakKLS 650 x 85020220650 mm8200 mm1,6 mm
16148KM KesmakKSY 650 x 105020220650 mm8330 mm1,6 mm
16140KM KesmakKLY 2DT 65020220670 mm8330 mm1,6 mm
16112KM KesmakKLY 2DT 70020220700 mm8920 mm1,6 mm
16072KM KesmakKSS 1100 x 130020221100 mm11660 mm1,6 mm
16117KM KesmakKSY 1100 x 130020221100 mm11000 mm1,6 mm

Circular Sawing Machine - Automatic

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insaw blade diametercutting diameterstroke
16146KALTENBACHKKS 400 NA hydr.1987400 mm140 mm
16135KASTOGKS 400 AU/12001998400/425 mm130 mm150 mm
16141WolffGLS-1502022460 mm30- 150 mm190 mm


Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt incutting diameterband lengthstroke
16083BEHRINGERHSA-2601983260 mm420 mm280 mm