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Sheet metal working / shaeres / bending

Metal Processing

Sheet metal working / shaeres / bending


Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknessno. of strokes
26537STEINERHTS 18/25 So.19931600 mm6 - 20 mm1-15 Hub/min

Hand-Lever Shear

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet width - max.plate thicknessL-beam
26642PEDDINGHAUS4 RP 8198440 mm8 mm40 x 6 mm

Hydr. pressbrake

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurechamfer lenghtdistance between columns
19136LVDTOOLCELL 135/3020140135 t3050 mm4000 mm
19129WIEGERAWHC 160/45 HH 30019800160 t5120 mm4050 mm
19137HACOPPES 3020019930200 t3000 mm3200 mm

Pipe-Bending Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt intube diameterwall strengthbending radius min.
18514PEDRAZOLLICT 80198980 mm5 mm45- 400 mm

Plate Bending Machine - 3 Rolls

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknesspre-bending
18241AK-BENDASM 130-20/3,020072050 mm3,5 mm3,0 mm

Plate Shear - Hydraulic

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknessdistance between columns
18177STEINERHTS 18/25 So.19931800 mm25 mm2600 mm
18181STEINERHTS 30/1619943000 mm16 mm3200 mm
18184WIEGERAlpha 10/3019863000 mm10 mm3100 mm
18187SCHARRINGHAUSENTSZ 31/1319883100 mm13 mm3150 mm
18182STEINERHTS 40/13 C19914000 mm13 mm4200 mm

Roller leveller

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inmaterial widthmaterial thicknessno. of straightening rolls
90025WMW-BLEMAUBR 1600 x 2019831650 mm6 - 20 mm11  

Section Shear - Combined

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inround bar steelsquare edge steelL-beam
18242PEDDINGHAUSPeddimaster 40/60H198540 mm40 mm120 x 12 mm