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Other Accessories for Machine Tools

Other accessories for machine tools

Bar Stock Carrier

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt indiameterlengthControl
26742FEDEKDH 65 L19985- 65 mm1500 mmS7  

bolster plate

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt infloor-plate lengthfloor-plate widthfloor-plate height
26650UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWN - ca. 19800950 mm800 mm140 mm
26648UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWN - ca. 19801000 mm650 mm85 mm

Floor Plates

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inlengthwidthPlates available
82054GMWn.n20174000 mm2000 mm1  

Rotary Table - Boring

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt intable lengthtable widthtable load
81046SCHIESS - 19752100 mm1800 mm15 t

Straightening Plate

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inlengthwidthtable height
26680UNBEKANNT4000x1500x50019904000 mm1500 mm950 mm

Surface Plate

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt intable lengthtable widthtable height
26639UNBEKANNTUnbekannt19901000 mm1000 mm1100 mm
26678UNBEKANNT2500x125019902500 mm1250 mm950 mm
26729UNBEKANNT2000 x 300019903000 mm2000 mm300 mm
26654JFA JOHANN FISCHERAP 2/3,519903500 mm2000 mm200 mm