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Stock List

Find here our current stock list of used machines that we offer. We offer you our stock list as a pdf file for download. 

Angular Clamping Device

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)
73024UNBEKANNT / UNKNOWN1970100010001000

Band Saw - Automatic - Horizontal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturecutting diameter (mm)type of control mitre joint cuts -/+ degrees
16110TOPTECHHL 4001990400Zyklusnein

Band Saw - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureroll diameter (mm)throat (mm)workpiece height (mm)

Bandsaw - Horizontal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturecutting diameter (mm)saw band length (mm)cutting width (mm)
16070KM KesmakKME DG 2802015028036600,9
16072KM KesmakKNC 1100 x 130020191100116601,6
16074KM KesmakKLS 650 x 10502019065082001,6
16075KM KesmakKMO 2802019028036600,9
16076KM KesmakKSY 550 x 7002019055068501,3
16078KM KesmakKMS 350 x 4002019035042501,1
16081KM KesmakKSS 550 x 7002019055068501,3
16097KM KesmakKLS 550 x 7002019057078001,6
16098KM KesmakKSY 1100 x 130020191100110001,6
16099KM KesmakKLY 2DT 6502019067083301,6
16106KM KesmakKLS 650 x 8502019065082001,6
16107KM KesmakKSS 350 x 4002019035048601,1
16108KASTOfunctional U2000026029101

Bar Stock Shearing Machines

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureround bar steel (mm)square edge steel (mm)flat steel (mm)
1875MUBEAKFS 7019748070160x40 340x25

Bed Type Milling Machine - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
11369DROOP + REINLFAS 2000 kc N1983330020001300

Belt sander

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureTable dimensions (mm)throat (mm)motor power (kw)

CNC Lathe

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureturning diameter (mm)turning length (mm)control
20313GMWHL 1070 x 2000201910702300Siemens 828 D
20399KAMIDKM 1600.5 Zyklon201516005000Fanuc 0i TD

Center Lathe

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureturning diameter over bed (mm)turning diameter over slide rest (mm)turning length (mm)
200104WEIPERT-VOESTW 903 x 6000198009007006000

Clamping Cube

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)
26682UNBEKANNT4 m19804000300250
26706UNBEKANNT / UNKNOWN1985300017001000

Cleaning unit

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturethrough-put width (mm)working heigth (mm)workpiece weight (kg)


NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturesheet width (mm)plate thickness (mm)no. of strokes (Hub/min)
26537STEINERHTS 18/25 So.199316006 - 201-15

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturegrinding diameter (mm)grinding length (mm)centre height (mm)
12061FAMIRRU 150019803601500180
12064KARSTENSASA 16 A19700250750125
12065TSCHUDINHTG 620.1019860300620150

Decoilers for Coils

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturesheet width - max. (mm)coil weight (t)coil internal dia. (mm)
26542ALIVNO-2x30/800-EM-H-AH19958002 x 3420- 560

Double mitre circular saw

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturecutting width (mm)Cutting height (mm)Motor output (kW)
16105BJMDGS 5001998160280/2009

Double-Column Presse

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)distance between columns (mm)stroke (mm)
23119EXNEREX 250 SBS19792501000300
23136EXNEREX SB 20019802001000300

Eccentric Press - Single Column

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)throat (mm)stroke (mm)
21065STANKOIMPORTK 2130198110030025-130
21107BERRENBERGLEPt 63/250197106325016-90
21111SCHULERPDr 80/28019630802808 - 100
21112ZTS - KOSICELE 160198916035525 - 160
21115EDELHOFFAZR 250197625040020 - 160
21116GRÄBENERPRS 400197540046540 - 180
21118BETZEZL 135197913540020- 120
21119HEUSEREPL 110196811037010-80
21120HEUSEREPL 110196511037010-80
21122SCHULERPDR-125-315196312531520 - 160

Facing Lathe

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefaceplate diameter (mm)turning diameter over slide rest (mm)turning length (mm)
2019RAVENSBURGK 661978160016602000

Facing and Centering Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturemax. workpiece diameter (mm)min. workpiece diameter (mm)workpiece length (mm)

Floor Plates

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)Plates available
8208UNBEKANNT1 Stück/piece1970210012001
82010UNBEKANNT1 Stück/piece1970350020001

Floor Type Boring and Milling M/C - Hor.

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturespindle diameter (mm)x-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)
80055COLLETBF 100196010020001500

Gear Hobbing Machine - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturemax. wheel diameter (mm)gear width (mm)max. module
1762LIEBHERRET 15001973150028014


NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturecutting diameter (mm)band length (mm)stroke (mm)
16059BULMAKOH 2531985280450500
16109KASTOEBS 4001980400700450

Hand-Lever Shear

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturesheet width - max. (mm)plate thickness (mm)L-beam (mm)
26642PEDDINGHAUS4 RP 8198440840 x 6

Hydr. pressbrake

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)chamfer lenght (mm)distance between columns (mm)
19129WIEGERAWHC 160/45 HH 3001980016051204050
19130HÄMMERLEBM 100-3100 CNC1998010031003000
19131LVDPPEB 220/61 MNC 951996022061005500

Internal Grinding Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureinternal diameter (mm)grinding depth (mm)swing diameter (mm)
1228VOUMARD5 A19755 - 200250330
1229VOUMARD5 A19655 - 200250330
12012VOUMARD20319751- 100120250

Machining Center - Horizontal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
10025KRAUSE & MAUSERPS DUO2007750850600
10026MAUSERPS DUO2007750850600

Machining Center - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
10152AXADBZ2004je 750500600

Milling Machine - Horizontal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
1111159IBERIMEXMILKO 35 R19870850250450

Milling Machine - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable-size (mm)revolutions per minute (U/min)tool adaptor
11231FRITZ WERNERFV 419671800 x 40018 - 1800ISO 50

Pillar Drilling Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturebore capacity in steel (diameter) (mm)throat (mm)bore stroke (mm)

Pipe-Bending Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetube diameter (mm)wall strength (mm)bending radius min. (mm)
18510CESURBENDPBNC 65 (A)2018653,570 - 250
18511CESURBENDPBH 32201832250 - 275

Plate Bending Machine - 3 Rolls

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturesheet width (mm)plate thickness (mm)pre-bending
18238CESURBENDMR 1270 x 75201912701,51

Plate Shear - Hydraulic

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturesheet width (mm)plate thickness (mm)distance between columns (mm)
18173DARLEYGS 3100 x 2019923000203100
18181STEINERHTS 30/1619943000163200
18182STEINERHTS 40/13 C19914000134200

Pneumatic Press

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)throat (mm)stroke (mm)
23133DUNKESDF 41984008170140

Profile-Bending Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureflat steel (mm)flat steel (mm)U-iron on the x-axis (mm)
1879CESURBENDPB 35201940 x 10 (R=200)60 x 15 (R=150)UPN60 (R=400)

Radial Drilling Machine - Universal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturebore capacity in steel (diameter) (mm)arm length (mm)workpiece height max. (mm)
6000COLLETBUV 1600196945200- 16001250

Reversible Clamping Device

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable diameter (mm)centre height (mm)swing dia. (mm)
73018PEISELERHW 7101991710450890

Roll Grinder

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturegrinding diameter (mm)grinding length (mm)swing diameter (mm)
12519WALDRICH - SIEGENWSF 40/3 x 4000196306304000650

Roller leveller

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturematerial width (mm)material thickness (mm)no. of straightening rolls
90021BLEMA-GOTHAUBR 7,1x1250197512502 - 7,117
90022SCHLEICHERRML 6-70/160-300199303200,88 - 36

Rotary Table - Boring

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table load (t)
81046TOSE 1519802150180015

Rotary Table Hole Grinding Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturerotary table diameter (mm)boring diameter (mm)drilling depth (mm)
1265SIELEMANNRB 16019771600150-1500600

Section Shear - Combined

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureround bar steel (mm)square edge steel (mm)L-beam (mm)
1874SAHINLERHKM 11520155550150 x 150 x 16

Single Column Press - Hydraulic

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)throat (mm)stroke (mm)
23130BRUNNHUBERHEP 80 S1970080300400
23131MÜLLER-WEINGARTENCEZ 63.5.201965063325560

Slotting Machine - Vertical

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturemax. ram stroke (mm)throat (mm)table diameter (mm)
1529WMW-MEUSELWITZStSR 4001970400320600

Straightening Plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)table height (mm)

Straightening Press - Single Column

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureram pressure (t)max. ram stroke (mm)dayligth (mm)
23121DEMAGVPN 160 S1972160300645
23122MAEHY S 315 S19843158001000
23137MAES 25 RH1991025250300

Surface Grinding Machine - Horizontal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturegrinding length (mm)grinding width (mm)workpiece height (mm)
12490ELBSWN 8 NC-K19861200375375
12492GERH (ELB)Ambassador 65/3 VA I19790600300300

Surface Plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table height (mm)
26654JFA JOHANN FISCHERAP 2/3,5199035002000200
26702JFA JOHANN FISCHER2000 x 1000198020001000950

Table Type Boring and Milling Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturespindle diameter (mm)x-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)


NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetool taper (mm)weight of tools max. (kg)Number of tools (St.)
26727DUPLOMATICSM-H-16-12/24-408-E27G31992VDI 402012

Universal Milling Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
1111156RECKERMANNFW 90019750700340350
1111157MAHOMH 8001978400 + 200300 + 100350
1111158MAHOMH 70019840500400300
1111160DECKELFP 2 LB19800800300400

Vertical Turret Lathe - Double Column

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefaceplate diameter (mm)swing diameter (mm)turning height (mm)
400100RAFAMETKCF 2001974200022301250

Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefaceplate diameter (mm)swing diameter (mm)turning height (mm)
40087GMWVTM 2000 CNC2018160020002000

Wheel Stand

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturegrinding wheel diameter (mm)no. of working stations (Stück)connected load (kW)
12928GREIFDV 30198030021,5

bolster plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefloor-plate length (mm)floor-plate width (mm)floor-plate height (mm)
26648UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980100065085
26650UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980950800140

double-sided high speed press

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)stroke (mm)no. of strokes (Hub/min)
2525WEINGARTENHD 16019801608-12040-120
2526MINSTERP2-200-541990200152,40- 150
2527BOETTCHER & BRUECKMANNZRL 250 / 820197025020-14060
2532WEINGARTENXQDHz 12519591255060 - 180
25210SCHULERTMK 250-200-40/160200325040-16020-140

milling machining centers - universal

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
10159HURONTXD 635 L TT1998250010001500
10161DECKEL MAHODMU 80 P1999800700600

screw press

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepressure (t)Stroke (mm)table surface area (mm)
35014KIESERLING & ALBRECHTFS 450195545010001200 x 750
35015WEINGARTENP 1801955240130 - 38021-31

tool presetter

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturemeasuring range X-axis (mm)measuring range Y-axis (mm)Table dimensions (mm)
26724ZOLLERH 1002/0691989300300800 x 500