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Metal Processing


Center Lathe

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt ingreates pass round over bedswing diameter over slide restturning length
2000161WEILERPrimus19830250 mm160 mm500 mm
2000162WEILERPrimus19830250 mm160 mm500 mm
2000163WEILERPrimus19840250 mm160 mm500 mm
2000158WEILERPraktikant 800R19800297 mm160 mm800 mm
2000159ARADSN 28119850350 mm280 mm650 mm
2000154VDF-HEIDENREICH & HARBECK21 RO19750470 mm225 mm1000 mm
2000150VDF- BOEHRINGERD 48019790480 mm350 mm1000 mm
2000160ARADSNA560 x 150019760560 mm350 mm1500 mm
2000164WEIPERTWPBA 710 x 300019610730 mm610 mm3000 mm
2000165VDF-WOHLENBERGV 140019631400 mm1080 mm4500 mm

CNC Lathe

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameter over bedturning lengthcontrol
203445DAEWOO/DOOSANPuma TT 1800 SY20050520 mm770 mm18 i Fanuc
203437WIRTHSNEU / NEW2024600- 2000 mm2000- 15000 mmSiemens  

Lathe - cycle-controlled

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameterturning lengthcontrol
203436WAGNERWDE 50020070500 mm1500 mm802 C  

Vertical Turret Lathe - Double Column

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt infaceplate diameterswing diameterturning height
40107WIRTHSNEU / NEW20242000- 12000 mm2500- 15000 mm1600- 7000 mm

Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt infaceplate diameterswing diameterturning height
40106WIRTHSNEU / NEW20241200- 2000 mm1400- 2500 mm1000- 2000 mm