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Metal Processing

Other Accessories for Machine Tools

Angular Clamping Device

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)

Clamping Cube

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)height (mm)
26682UNBEKANNT4 m19804000300250
26706UNBEKANNT / UNKNOWN1985300017001000

Floor Plates

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)Plates available
82056STOLLE6000 x 200019956000200015

Reversible Clamping Device

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable diameter (mm)centre height (mm)swing dia. (mm)
73018PEISELERHW 7101991710450890
73020PEISELERHW 5001991500315620

Roller-Type Feed Unit

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureworkpiece length (mm)roll diameter (mm)work piece width (mm)

Rotary Table - Boring

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table load (t)
81044SCHIESS- FRORIEPRT 3500x450019954500350060
81045WMW UNIONTi 219722000180012,5

Surface Plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table height (mm)
26654JFA JOHANN FISCHERAP 2/3,5199035002000200
26702JFA JOHANN FISCHER2000 x 1000198020001000950
26703JFA JOHANN FISCHER2000 x 1100198520001100950

bolster plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefloor-plate length (mm)floor-plate width (mm)floor-plate height (mm)
26648UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980100065085
26650UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980950800140

Other Machines

Fork Lift Truck

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureweight max. in kg (kg)stroke (mm)fork length (mm)
26683NissanPH02 A 20U199020003300700

Packaging Machines

Strapping machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturepacket width (mm)packet hight (mm)packet weight (kg)
26700aCYKLOPAmpag CS 600x600201160060050
26701aCYKLOPM-PA 0320081000100050