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Metal Processing

Other Accessories for Machine Tools

Bar Stock Carrier

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturediameter (mm)length (mm)Control
26742FEDEKDH 65 L19985- 651500S7

Coolant Unit

NoMakeTypeYear of manufactureliter capacity (l)coolant capacity (l/min)total power requirement (kW)
26733KEEYUNKC1A100/KB1A100202040075- 1500,16

Floor Plates

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)Plates available
82010UNBEKANNT1 Stück/piece1970350020001

Rotary Table - Boring

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table load (t)
81046TOSE 1519802150180015

Straightening Plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturelength (mm)width (mm)table height (mm)

Surface Plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturetable length (mm)table width (mm)table height (mm)
26654JFA JOHANN FISCHERAP 2/3,5199035002000200
26729UNBEKANNT2000 x 3000199030002000300

bolster plate

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturefloor-plate length (mm)floor-plate width (mm)floor-plate height (mm)
26648UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980100065085
26650UNBEKANNT/NOT KNOWNca. 1980950800140

Other Metal Processing

Measuring Machine

NoMakeTypeYear of manufacturex-travel (mm)y-travel (mm)z-travel (mm)
26739ZETT-MESSAMS 14/121992140012001000