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Metal Processing


Center Lathe

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameter over bedturning diameter over slide restturning length
2000129NARDINIMS 175 E19900350 mm205 mm800 mm
2000120MONDIALECeltic 1419810370 mm240 mm1500 mm
2000128VDF- HEIDENREICH & HARBECKV 319650560 mm300 mm2000 mm
2000131VDF-BOEHRINGERE 560/150019700610 mm330 mm1500 mm
2000127PBRT-600 LC19941230 mm890 mm3000 mm
2000133JiangSuCZ6180C2004800 mm550 mm5000 mm

CNC Lathe

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameterturning lengthcontrol
203423GILDEMEISTERCTX 410 Serie 220080410 mm500 mmHeidenhain 4290  
203411GM WirthsHL 1070 x 2000 (3000- 7000)20211070 mm2300 (3300- 7300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203410GM WirthsHL 1170 x 2000 (3000- 7000)20211170 mm2300 (3300- 7300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203412GM WirthsHL 1270 x 2000 (3000- 7000)20211270 mm2300 (3300- 7300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203413GM WirthsHL 1420 x 2000 (3000- 8000)20211420 mm2300 (3300- 8300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203414GM WirthsHL 1520 x 2000 (3000- 8000)20211520 mm2300 (3300- 8300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203416GM WirthsHL 1620 x 2000 (3000- 8000)20211620 mm2300 (3300- 8300) mmSiemens 828 D  
203415GM WirthsHL 1800 x 2000 (3000- 15000)20211800 mm2000 (3000- 15000) mmSiemens 828 D  
203417GM WirthsHL 1900 x 2000 (3000- 15000)20211900 mm2000 (3000- 15000) mmSiemens 828 D  
203418GM WirthsHL 2000 x 2000 (3000- 15000)20212000 mm2000 (3000- 15000) mmSiemens 828 D  

CNC Turning- and Milling Center

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameterturning lengthspindle bore diameter
203420MORI SEIKINL 2500 SY / 7002008366 mm705 mm80 mm

Lathe - cycle-controlled

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inturning diameterturning lengthcontrol
203409SAILOContur Dialog H 6620030660 mm2000 mmSiemens 810 D  
203402GORNATICMG 750 NSXP19991500 mm1500 mmFagor 8055 T  

Vertical Turret Lathe - Single Column

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt infaceplate diameterswing diameterturning height
40094DOERRIESVCE 125/16019831250 mm1600 mm1400 mm
40096GM WirthsRAL-12 (M)20211250 mm1600 mm1250 mm
40097GM WirthsRAL-16 (M)20211600 mm2000 mm1600 mm
40098GM WirthsRAL-20 (M)20212000 mm2500 mm1600 mm

Boring mills / Machining Centers / Drilling machines

Machining Center - Universal

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inx-travely-travelz-travel
10163DECKEL-MAHODMU 60 T20000630 mm560 mm560 mm

Machining Center - Vertical

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inx-travely-travelz-travel
10172MAZAKVTC 20 B19991120 mm510 mm510 mm

Rapid Radial Drilling Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inbore capacity in steel (diameter)arm lengthtable surface area
60098DONAUDR 23197423 mm650 mm1200x800 mm

Milling machines

Bed Type Milling Machine - Universal

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inlongitudinal travelvertical movementcross travel
11370FILFS 130 (CNC)19951300 mm1000 mm1000 mm

Universal Milling Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inx-travely-travelz-travel
1111175MAHOMH 600 P (CNC)19810500 mm400 mm400 mm
1111177OPTIMUMUF10020090600 mm270 mm430 mm
1111174KLOPP-KORRADIUW 219800700 mm350 mm450 mm
1111173SCHAUBLIN5319780700 mm250 mm430 mm
1111179RECKERMANNKOMBI 100019771000 mm370 mm450 mm

Gear cutting machines

Gear Hobbing Machine - Vertical

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inmax. wheel diametergear widthmax. module
1762LIEBHERRET 150019731500 mm280 mm14  

Grinding machines

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt ingrinding diametergrinding lengthcentre height
12014FORTUNAF 11 S 50019780200 mm500 mm120 mm
12064KARSTENSASA 16 A19700250 mm750 mm125 mm

Wheel Stand

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt ingrinding wheel diameterno. of working stationsconnected load
12928GREIFDV 301980300 mm2 Stück1,5 kW


Bandsaw - Horizontal

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt incutting diametersaw band lengthcutting width
16118KM KesmakKMO 28020210280 mm3660 mm0,9 mm
16130JAESPAw 320 G19920320 mm4170 mm0,9 mm
16136KM KesmakKMO 35020210350 mm4250 mm1,1 mm
16078KM KesmakKMS 350 x 40020210350 mm4250 mm1,1 mm
16101KM KesmakKMY 2DG 35020210350 mm5280 mm1,3 mm
16100KM KesmakKMY 35020210350 mm5280 mm1,3 mm
16115KM KesmakKSS 350 x 40020210350 mm4860 mm1,1 mm
16102KM KesmakKMY 2DG 45020210450 mm5880 mm1,3 mm
16103KM KesmakKMY 45020210450 mm5880 mm1,3 mm
16107KM KesmakKSS 450 x 60020210450 mm5850 mm1,3 mm
16081KM KesmakKSS 550 x 70020210550 mm6850 mm1,3 mm
16076KM KesmakKSY 550 x 70020210550 mm6850 mm1,3 mm
16127KM KesmakKLS 550 x 70020210570 mm7800 mm1,6 mm
16074KM KesmakKLS 650 x 105020210650 mm8200 mm1,6 mm
16106KM KesmakKLS 650 x 85020210650 mm8200 mm1,6 mm
16137KM KesmakKSY 650 x 105020210650 mm8330 mm1,6 mm
16125KM KesmakKLY 2DT 65020210670 mm8330 mm1,6 mm
16112KM KesmakKLY 2DT 75020210750 mm8920 mm1,6 mm
16072KM KesmakKNC 1100 x 130020211100 mm11660 mm1,6 mm
16117KM KesmakKSY 1100 x 130020211100 mm11000 mm1,6 mm
16138MEBAECOLINE2000325 mm4400 mm1,3 mm

Circular Sawing Machine - Automatic

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insaw blade diametercutting diameterstroke
16116KESMAKKDT 802021285 mm10- 80 mm120 mm
16135KASTOGKS 400 AU/12001998400/425 mm130 mm150 mm
16126KESMAKKDT 1502021460 mm40- 150 mm190 mm


Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt incutting diameterband lengthstroke
16083BEHRINGERHSA-2601983260 mm420 mm280 mm


Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt incutting diameterband lengthstroke
16059BULMAKOH 2531985280 mm450 mm500 mm


T-Slot Shaping Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inslot-milling lengthgroove widthflute depth
1531UNBEKANNT - unknown0- 250 mm0- 30 mm0- 50 mm

Center-drilling machines

Facing and Centering Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inmax. workpiece diametermin. workpiece diameterworkpiece length
26699RSA ENTGRAT-TECHNIKSTL198680 mm15 mm2000 mm


Double Column Drawing Press -Hydr.

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressuredistance between columnsstroke
23139PITZMANN & PFEIFFER - 1973160 t1400 mm900 mm
23140SMG - 1963250 t1850 mm700 mm
23141MÜLLER-WEINGARTENKEZ 3151979315 t1650 mm600 mm

Double-Column Presse

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressuredistance between columnsstroke
23150BUSSMANNHPK100/61980100 t650 mm400 mm
23136EXNEREX SB 2001980200 t1000 mm300 mm
23119EXNEREX 250 SBS1979250 t1000 mm300 mm

double-sided high speed press

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurestrokeno. of strokes
2532WEINGARTENXQDHz 1251959125 t50 mm60 - 180 Hub/min

Eccentric Press - Single Column

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurethroatstroke
21065STANKOIMPORTK 21301981100 t300 mm25-130 mm
21120HEUSEREPL 1101965110 t370 mm10-80 mm
21119HEUSEREPL 1101968110 t370 mm10-80 mm
21118BETZEZL 1351979135 t400 mm20- 120 mm
21116GRÄBENERPRS 4001975400 t465 mm40 - 180 mm

Pneumatic Press

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurethroatstroke
23143SIEMENSML 601995006 t120 mm54 mm

Straightening Press - Single Column

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurethroatstroke
23138MAES 25 RH1975025 t250 mm300 mm
23122MAEHY S 315 S1984315 t800 mm1000 mm

Tryout Press - hydraulic

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurestroketable surface area
23149KONHIDROLIKSAN1002018100 t400 mm1000 x 600 mm

Sheet metal working / shaeres / bending


Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknessno. of strokes
26537STEINERHTS 18/25 So.19931600 mm6 - 20 mm1-15 Hub/min

Hand-Lever Shear

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet width - max.plate thicknessL-beam
26642PEDDINGHAUS4 RP 8198440 mm8 mm40 x 6 mm

Hydr. pressbrake

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inpressurechamfer lenghtdistance between columns
19136LVDTOOLCELL 135/3020140135 t3050 mm4000 mm
19129WIEGERAWHC 160/45 HH 30019800160 t5120 mm4050 mm
19137HACOPPES 3020019930200 t3000 mm3200 mm

Pipe-Bending Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt intube diameterwall strengthbending radius min.
18514PEDRAZOLLICT 80198980 mm5 mm45- 400 mm

Plate Bending Machine - 3 Rolls

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknesspre-bending
18241AK-BENDASM 130-20/3,020072050 mm3,5 mm3,0 mm

Plate Shear - Hydraulic

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt insheet widthplate thicknessdistance between columns
18177STEINERHTS 18/25 So.19931800 mm25 mm2600 mm
18181STEINERHTS 30/1619943000 mm16 mm3200 mm
18184WIEGERAlpha 10/3019863000 mm10 mm3100 mm
18187SCHARRINGHAUSENTSZ 31/1319883100 mm13 mm3150 mm
18182STEINERHTS 40/13 C19914000 mm13 mm4200 mm

Roller leveller

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inmaterial widthmaterial thicknessno. of straightening rolls
90025WMW-BLEMAUBR 1600 x 2019831650 mm6 - 20 mm11  

Section Shear - Combined

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt inround bar steelsquare edge steelL-beam
18242PEDDINGHAUSPeddimaster 40/60H198540 mm40 mm120 x 12 mm

Erosion machines

Cavity Sinking EDM - Machine

Catalog no.MakeTypeBuilt intable lengthtable widthampere
26737DIETER HANSENEROPULS 20021984800 mm500 mm